Healthy Music Obsession

Music reviews and musings.


Healthy Music Obsession is a blog about music (unsurprisingly). Here you will find album reviews, lists, opinion pieces and more about some of the most exciting movements in new music.

My name is Daniel Marx and I am the sole contributor of Healthy Music Obsession. Music takes up pretty much all of my waking thoughts and I love writing about it.

My main interests are in:

  • Jazz
  • Contemporart Folk
  • Progressive Bluegrass
  • Contemporary Classical Music

But I do also talk pretty extensively about:

  • hip hop/rap
  • electronic
  • Alternative/indie rock
  • Alternative/indie pop
  • Any other genre in which I have found a project that interests me

Older posts and other ramblings from this blog can be found at

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Yo Daniel!

    My name is Asher, and I found this blog through your Culcha Vulcha review via reddit.
    I fuckin had to contact you because we have … pretty much identical taste in music.
    I’m an avid Chris Thile devotee, and I went through a tremendous bluegrass/americana phase in high school.
    Punch Brothers broke me out of it by being untouchably good, so I fell into jazz, and have been obsessed with it for about the last year. Now, like you, I’m starting to get into Hip-Hop (exploring in the opposite direction than most on the Kamasi/Kendrick/FlyLo/Thundercat connection). I’m an ethnomusicology major, and over the summer I’m gonna do a lot of writing for All About Jazz, and basically listen to music constantly.

    My favorite album of the year has hands-down been Emily’s D+Evolution.
    I’m also really into A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke and I agree that Arclight was disappointing (given the revelation that was World’s Fair.)

    I’m currently procrastinating an Aaron Parks show review, so i gtg finish.
    But let’s talk about music sometime!

    — Asher


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