Weaving by Jonathan Wires is my pick of the week for the 19th of February 2016.This is the excellent debut album from bassist Jonathan Wires on EarUp records. The album is a collection of pieces with incredibly eclectic influences from the feeling one gets when falling asleep, to Balkan folk-dancing. This is a somewhat esoteric listen, with a very intellectual approach to crafting the music, particularly in relation to metre and timing. The performances on this record are impeccable, with stand out showings from Jeff Coffin (saxophones, clarinets, percussion), Matt Endahl (keys) and from Jonathan Wires himself.
The arrangements on each track are meticulously crafted and make the most of each individual musicians talent and unique playing styles. I was particularly impressed by the duo, played by Coffin on soprano saxophone and Endahl on wurlitzer piano, on the below track, ‘It Seems to Be’.
There probably won’t be a full review of this record as I am currently pretty pressed for time, but I do thoroughly recommend this record to anyone looking for an intellectually stimulating, yet emotional and visceral, jazz album.