I haven’t been writing a whole lot over the last few weeks. I have been unusually busy and have only really had time for the occasional twitter rant. I will still be updating the blog as often as I can, and I have been – and will continue – updating the Top Albums page (recent additions include Beyoncé’s LEMONADE and Sean Watkins’ What to Fear).

I have a couple of reviews in the works, which leads to the main announcement:
I will no longer be scoring my reviews.
I believe that in a world of music streaming services where there are infinite mounds of music to sift through, it is the role of the critic to recommend the hidden gems. I see little point in writing about music that I wouldn’t recommend. People already have preconceived feelings about records that they have been anticipating, and will listen to them regardless of what critics tell them. This has lead me to the decision of only writing about music that I would recommend. If it is on this blog, then I think it is good, and therefore doesn’t need a numerical score.

My next review will be of the new Snarky Puppy LP, Culcha Vulcha. This will be up in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading,