One month later and I am still utterly in love with In My Room‘s first single, ‘Hideaway’.
‘Flinstones’, the latest single from Jacob Collier’s upcoming debut release, goes back to Collier’s YouTube music roots. It’s a cover of the Flinstones theme tune which make effective use of Collier’s signature harmonic style.

I will say, that this new track is not nearly as appealing to me as ‘Hideaway’ or ‘Don’t You Know’ (from Family Dinner Vol.2), but there is a certain novelty to it. The song appears to be a pretty standard Collierification of a well known song, much in the same style as his versions of ‘P.Y.T.’ and ‘Fascinating Rhythm’. What makes this song interesting is how it developes from start to finish. As the song progresses, the reharmonisation becomes more and more complex, and at the 46 second mark, the flow of the song is broken up by a particularly cool, chromatic, melodic break. In a similar fashion to ‘Hideaway’, the middle of the track is marked with a funky breakdown. This precedes a blistering melodica solo (words I never thought I would type). It is at this point where the song moves from fun and novel, to really sophisticated.

‘Flinstones’ is an enjoyable song. I didn’t find at as satisfying or infectious as ‘Hideaway’, nor do I think that it is as original in its composition, but it is a fun listen and a unique interpretation of a classic theme. It’s certainly worth a listen, and I’m sure it’ll find its place on the new record.