My pick of the week this week is the debut album from, folk/alt rock band Mothers, When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired. This is an astounding debut record, comprised of nine, pristine and delicate tracks that still manage to exude attitude at just the right moments.


Two elements of this record stick out to me the most. The first, being the vocal work of lead singer, Kristine Leschper. During the record’s quiet moments, her voice is reminiscent of vocalists like Joanna Newsom, and at its most energetic, I could hear elements of the harsh, visceral vocal style of Francis Quinlan, the singer of rock band, Hop Along.

The second particularly special element of this record, was the instrumental work, particularly on the penultimate track, ‘Hold Your Own Hand’. The song starts simply, with a repetitive guitar motif, accompanying the serene vocal line, but as the song develops, steady, echoing drums are introduced and a more complex and energetic, guitar riff is layered on top. The subtle elements also greatly contribute to the sound, such as the ringing, yet quiet cymbals and the tremolo violin. Both of these elements take considerable concentration to pick up on, but they make listening to the song an even more rewarding experience.